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"In the professional world of tomorrow, you have to know two things: You have to know the basics of business, and the basics of coding. Without both, you are taking an enormous risk". Susan Kish.


Pro-active software engineer, always eager to develop competencies within the software development field.

I enjoy working in multicultural teams as much as I enjoy leading my team of software engineers. My previous experience in Colombia and Spain have contributed in shaping further my skills within leadership as well as my cultural sensitivity and empathy abilities. Moreover, I have increased my capacity of quickly adapting to a challenging environment and delivering great outputs under pressure. Among my results, I could refer to the payroll system developed for Nominapp, mentoring more than 30 students for Make It Real, and improving the app experience between the drivers and passengers, while increasing the platform’s scalability and performance by migrating software architecture for Cabify.

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As a WEB developer I have several skills in:




Ruby On Rails





One of my core strengths is sizing and understanding the newest trends within the software market. For this reason, I took part of different learning experiences with the purpose of increasing my own skills and mentoring students willing to gain software development knowledge.

Make It Real Camp

WEB development intensive bootcamp - Graduated: 2015 - January

I took part in an intensive 12-week full-time program where I developed my expertise in Ruby On Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MySQL, Postgres and GitHub. As a matter of fact, I also learnt patterns like responsive design, testing techniques and deploying different services such as Heroku and Amazon Web services.

University Of Antioquia

Electronic Engineering Bachelor - Graduated: 2016 - September

Graduated the Electronic Engineer career with the purpose of further developing my software and hardware competencies and to develop projects meant to have a positive contribution to the world.

Make It Real Camp - Elite

Computer science intensive bootcamp - Current: March 2018 - June 2018

I took part in an intensive 12-week full-time program where I developed my expertise in data structures, algorithms, basics of computer architecture, containerization tools, system design and architechture, databases and distributed systems.


Make It Real Camp

Mentor / Medellin, ANT - Colombia. Feb 2015 - April 2017

Description: Make It Real is a bootcamp for learning software development skills

Responsibilities: Leader and mentor for each version of Make It Real Full Stack WEB Developer Bootcamp which took place in Medellin.

Kaizen Devs

Co-Founder / Medellin, ANT - Colombia. May 2015 - June 2016

Description: A technology company building digital products aiming at transforming, prototyping and developing MVPs

Responsibilities: Executed 11 different software projects by leading a team of 5 to 10 in-house and remote developers


Full Stack WEB Developer / Medellin, ANT - Colombia. July 2016 - April 2017

Description: Cloud application decreasing the time by 10x allowing companies to remunerate the employees. The application successfully acquired 1000 users in Colombia during the 1st year, processing $2M USD/month in payroll

Responsibilities: Product Development (Ruby)


Senior Backend Developer / Madrid - España. April 2017 - Marzo 2018

Description: International transport network company connecting the people with private premium vehicles through web and mobile applications

Responsibilities: Contributing to the core developing team, building APIs etc., while using distributed systems and microservices and Ruby

Ruby On Rails Developer / Jersey City, NJ - USA. July - Currently

Description: sells 3000+ high-quality and expertly-sourced nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, pantry staples, tough-to-find ingredients and more. We source the best and go deeper into the supply chain to make food that’s better-tasting and better for you.

Responsibilities: Maintain a warehouse management system that ships about 1 million packages yearly from 4 distribution centers across the United States.



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Currently living in Weehawken, New Jersey, USA

+1 201 442 12 39



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